Stickman Brews debuts podcast, Bad Beers and High Prices

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Stickman Brews is proud to debut the first edition of our brand new podcast, entitled Bad Beer and High Prices.

On the show, Jim and Ethan Buckman are joined by Kate Sorrento for a discussion all about IPAs, with a particular look at craft beer’s biggest trend, New England-style IPAs.

During the episode, the group discusses how NEIPAs are made, the hype surrounding the style, and how Stickman Brews has adapted to consumer demand over the years.

Also on the podcast, we discuss a variety of other topics:

  • The history of IPAs

  • The way NEIPAs are brewed and what the true flavors are

  • The group’s favorite IPAs

  • Our least favorite Untapped comments of the month

Bad Beer and High Prices will return in April for an extended look at lagers.

Until the next podcast just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”