Stickman Brews Blog: Q & A with Brendan Breslin

Our Stickman Brews blog will be a regular opportunity to share some of the people behind the scenes of Stickman that are responsible for making or serving your favorite beverages in the area. This blog will feature head brewer Brendan Breslin, an amazing guy and first-rate brewer.

brendan kingpin.JPG

Stickman Brews: Why did you want to ruin your life by becoming a brewer?

Brendan: A few years ago I walked into my first interview to be a brewery intern. I wanted to follow my deep passion and love for beer. It’s been downhill ever since.

Stickman Brews: When you are brewing, what are your favorite beers to make?

Brendan: Two of my favorite are a Helles Lager and an Imperial Stout. When it comes to Stickman Beers: General Merriment, Hills Are Alive, and Breakfast for Dummies are my absolutely favs to make in the brew house.

Stickman Brews: Do you have any particular favorite beers to drink?

I love a good Helles Lager because Helles and Pizza should be consumed together. And I consume A LOT of pizza.

Stickman Brews: In the four hours a week you're not at work, what are you doing with your time?

Brendan: Hanging at a bar in South Philly or on my couch chillaxing. I also just ran the Marathon last November and I play ice hockey weekly, so yeah I am active sometimes.

Brendan works the canning line at Stickman.

Brendan works the canning line at Stickman.

Stickman Brews: How do you make it all look so easy?

The TRUTH is that it IS EASY. Everyone else likes to make it look hard, but guess who DOESN’T make the best beer in SEPA. You’re right. Everyone else.

Stickman Brews: Shout out your favorite uncool macro or lager beer.

Brendan: Find me doing Tecate Tequila City Wides at Adobe Café on Passyunk.

Stickman Brews: Do you have anything else you're focusing on outside of the beer world right now?

Brendan: I make square pizza and tomato pie. It’s sorta like making beer that you can eat so making the dough really interests me. I add a lot of cheese on top and mess around with cool flavors and toppings because it can get real crazy. I call it Pizza Brez. You can follow it all on Instagram at PizzaBrez. Big and exciting news is coming soon! Follow and wait for the Za!

Stop by the taproom at Stickman Brews and try some of Brendan’s latest creations. Let him know you read this blog and inflate his ego!

Until the next blog just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”