Stickman Brews Blog: Q & A with Terry Murphy

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Our Stickman Brews blog will be a regular opportunity to share some of the people behind the scenes of Stickman that are responsible for making or serving your favorite beverages in the area. This blog will feature Terry Murphy, a legendary bartender in SEPA and someone we consider a friend.

Stickman Brews: When did you first realize Stickman had the best brews in SEPA?

Terry: For me, it was probably when I was hired since they decided hire the best person in PA. Just kidding! In all seriousness, it was shortly after I was given the opportunity to be part of the staff. I gradually learned how great the entire crew here at Stick was, and of course the beer. For me, it goes beyond the great beer Stickman makes. It’s the quality service, family atmosphere (for workers and patrons), and culture that the team creates that does it for me.

Stickman Brews: What would you say is your favorite part about bartending at Stickman?

Terry: Besides being able to work and share laughs with close friends and family, it has to be interacting with the customers. Whether regulars or new customers, I love getting to meet new people, share a conversation, and hopefully positively impact someone’s day! 

Stickman Brews: What would you say is your favorite moment with Stickman?

Terry: I have a few that come to mind: The Pig Roast (First time working), The Anniversary Parties, and a few big can releases... However, one that sticks out to me was when the boys headed to Colorado for the Great American Beer Fest for the first time. I was still a young lad trying to prove myself to the team. This gave me an opportunity to show that I had the chops and was committed to being part of the Stickman family! The history.

Stickman Terry.jpg

Stickman Brews: What do you do when you are not at Stickman?

Terry: Drink Stickman and talk about Stickman...really not really.. Monday through Friday I am a division manager for a few relationship managements teams within my companies Group Insurance division, but that’s boring. Outside of working, I enjoy going to the gym, playing sports, spending time with my friends, family, and dog. Ask me if I have a dog and you’re likely to get shown a few pictures.

Stickman Brews: Why are “Sunday’s with Sean” exceptional?

Terry: You might want to come in and find out for yourselves. My answer won’t do SWS any justice.

Stickman Brews: What is your favorite non-Stickman brew?

Terry: This is a tough one. My beer mood changes with the seasons like many people. A go-to for me (if I am having more than my fair share) would Founders All Day IPA. Not a sexy choice, but it’s an easy drinker.

Stickman Brews: Shout out your favorite regular.

Terry: Wow, this is a hard choice! Thanks for putting me on the spot. There are so many to name. They are like a parent’s children, you love them all equally. Being a good sport, gun to my head, I am going to have to go with Brian, Mike, and Doug.

Stop by the taproom at Stickman Brews - Royersford and catch up with Mike. Let him know you read this blog and inflate his ego!

Until the next blog just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”