Belgian (or is it Belgium) Beers

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Stickman Brews is proud to release the fifth edition of their podcast “Bad Beer and High Prices”, this time discussing Belgian beers.

On the show, Jim and Ethan Buckman are joined by Kate Sorrento for a discussion all about one of the most historic beer styles while chatting about some local breweries that do amazing things with Belgian brews.

During the episode, the crew also discuss Belgians at Stickman, including the GABF Medal Winner Cousin Stoopid, the nuances of Belgian beer specifications, and have an "Untapped Review of the Week" for the ages.

Don’t miss another fantastic episode!

Bad Beer and High Prices will return in two weeks with a look at farmhouse beers.

Until the next podcast just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”