Stickman Brews Blog: Q & A with Sam McCoy

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Our Stickman Brews blog will be a regular opportunity to share some of the people behind the scenes of Stickman who are responsible for making or serving your favorite beverages in the area. This blog will feature Sam McCoy, assistant brewer at Stickman Brews.

Stickman Brews: Can you explain more fully your passion for mash in and other brewing processes?

Sam: Well I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to my passion for the mash in. Whether it be splash’n in the mash in or cold crash’n a batch’n the fermenters, it’s all just such a joy.

Stickman Brews: If you weren't working in beer, what would you be doing?

Sam: Having an existential crisis managing restaurants and hoping for a giant flaming meteor to fall directly on top of me and take me out.

Stickman Brews: How did you get so healthy and do you think it makes others uncomfortable?

Sam: Do you really want to get me started talking about CrossFit? You know how annoying we all are.


Stickman Brews: What's your favorite job at Stickman besides brewing?

Sam: Cooking for sure. The sounds of the fryers and flattop drown out the cursing under my breath that would be deemed inappropriate in one of the front of house positions.

Stickman Brews: Would you say that you chose the brew life or that the brew life chose you?

Sam: The brew life saved me.

Stickman Brews: You're a big hip hop fan outside of work. Which rapper do you most closely resemble in your daily life?

Sam: Probably Wiz Khalifa due to his newfound lifestyle of fitness but also his obvious recreational hobbies which I will not incriminate myself by disclosing.

Stickman Brews: Where did the cowboy boots go?

Sam: All I wear are big goofy ugly rubber boots now.

Until the next blog, just remember, “It’s a Stickman, just drink it.”