Ratings apps

So it looks like Untappd and Yelp won't be sponsors

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Stickman Brews is proud to release the eighth edition of their podcast “Bad Beer and High Prices”, this time discussing ratings apps.

On the show, Jim and Ethan Buckman are joined by Kate Sorrento for the most colorful episode to date, discussing the perils of review apps like Untapped and Yelp for the common brewery.

During the episode, the crew talks about the impact these apps have on local breweries, as well as the people who base their nightlife around what unqualified people say on these apps. This episode explains why you should “Rate our beer poorly” the next time you open Untapped, especially if we tell you to.

Don’t miss another fantastic episode!

Bad Beer and High Prices will return in two weeks to discuss technical brewing from a brewer’s perspective.

Until the next podcast just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”