Stickman Brews debuts podcast, Bad Beers and High Prices

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Stickman Brews is proud to debut the first edition of our brand new podcast, entitled Bad Beer and High Prices.

On the show, Jim and Ethan Buckman are joined by Kate Sorrento for a discussion all about IPAs, with a particular look at craft beer’s biggest trend, New England-style IPAs.

During the episode, the group discusses how NEIPAs are made, the hype surrounding the style, and how Stickman Brews has adapted to consumer demand over the years.

Also on the podcast, we discuss a variety of other topics:

  • The history of IPAs

  • The way NEIPAs are brewed and what the true flavors are

  • The group’s favorite IPAs

  • Our least favorite Untapped comments of the month

Bad Beer and High Prices will return in April for an extended look at lagers.

Until the next podcast just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”

Stickman Brews Blog: Q & A with Mike Ricciutti

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

Our Stickman Brews blog will be a regular opportunity to share some of the people behind the scenes of Stickman that are responsible for making or serving your favorite beverages in the area. This blog will feature Mike Ricciutti, a long-time employee and one of the best bartenders around.

Stickman Brews: When did you first realize that Stickman was the best in SEPA?

Mike: Well, to be honest when we first opened the doors at Stickman and had “Plant Matter” or “Frankie Holland” or “Chain Smoking Soccer Mom” on tap, among others. I wasn’t sure what we would be. We wanted to brew all Belgian Style Ales and had an open-top fermentation brew system that was tricky, but proved to be a great learning tool.

We entered our beer into the Great American Beer Festival in our first year of operation and I assumed we would win something… we won nothing. I think I began to realize our potential when we took home a bronze medal the following year for “Cousin Stoopid”.

The Philly Beer Scene Awards Banquet was another eye opener for me. Stickman represented so well that evening and when I looked around the room I knew that we were here for good and that we would be a force to reckon with!

Stickman Brews: What’s your favorite part about bartending? 

Mike: I think my favorite part of tending bar at Stickman is simply conversing with the people about US. Our beer style, the beer names, the characters on our staff, and the fact that customers generally appreciate the rapport we’ve built and continue to build with the patrons.

Stickman Brews: Can you think of your favorite moment at Stickman?

Mike: This is a no-brainer. It has to be the Stickman 1 Year Anniversary Party. It was just so special. The turnout, the energy from the crowd and the Whiskeyhickon Boys. And, of course, the beer and food.

Stickman Brews: What do you do when you’re not at Stickman?

Mike: Generally, I drink myself into a stupor consuming Stickman Brews. Otherwise, I am not really sure what else I do.


Stickman Brews: Describe your pallet for the people.

Mike: I prefer a patron that likes diversity, like our beer menu. It is always nice when customers smile and laugh at one of our beer names, or talks to others about how great this or that beer is, and the best part is when patrons come in and generally are so happy to get a phresh pint.

Stickman Brews: Favorite non-Stickman beer?

Mike: If I had one choice for a big brewer, it would probably be Sam Adams. They have so many options and styles and I would argue that Sam Adams put microbrews on the map.. I would rarely turn down a PBR or a High Life but those beers are tailgate specials.

Stickman Brews: Shout out your favorite regular.

Mike: There are too many favorite regulars to name, but I would say that Glen is an oldie but a goodie.

Stop by the taproom at Stickman Brews - Royersford and catch up with Mike. Let him know you read this blog and inflate his ego!

Until the next blog just remember, “It’s a Stickman. Just drink it.”